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Please note that many of the specials this year will take place on a Saturday evening.  We hope to have only one special in the month on a Saturday evening.  Please check carefully on the Specials page and the Evening Gazette as no Healing and Open Circle will take place on these evenings.  We are now on facebook please click on the link Elite Christian Spiritualist Church
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Jane Hicks

I'd often been to see mediums, fortune tellers and the like.

I'd made use of my gut feeling about most things and been right but it wasn't until one medium I saw insisted that I could do what he did and asked me to give him a reading that I took it seriously.

I hadn't attended a church for years, too dogmatic and structured for me, but I was curious about a Spiritualist church. A friend and I came and it was so relaxed, so comfortable that we came for a few weeks and then my friend decided not to come any more. I started coming here by myself which was a big thing for me. I knew then that it was right; I had found my religion.

My very first message was from my Gran the evening her favourite hymn was sung. I had searched the hymn book for it but I only remembered the chorus. The chorus wasn't printed; hidden chorus. So many gifts are not in plain view until the time is right. The time was obviously the right time.

Special Events are run throughout the year on a Saturday Evening.
All Speakers are subject to change at short notice. 
The Divine service consists of prayers, hymns and a spirit inspired address followed by a demonstration of spirit communication.  Healing and Open Circle consists of prayers, hymns and a demonstrations of mediumship skills.  Healing takes place within the Circle by qualified Healers during the service.